3 Situations Where You Might Need an Oil Tank Removal

June 20, 2017

If you are a homeowner in the Vancouver region, there is a chance you might need to undergo an oil tank removal at one stage or another. In this article, we detail three different situations where an oil tank removal might be necessary.

Situation 1: Conducting home renovations and extensions

Depending on the area in which you are residing, conducting building work, such as renovations and extensions, may require you to provide proof there is not an oil tank on your property. If, after a professional scan has been completed, there is found to be one, then an oil tank removal will be required.

Situation 2: Selling your property

If you are thinking of selling your property, you may be obliged to provide proof that there is not an oil tank buried underneath. If you aren’t in possession of any declaration that advises so, you will need to have an oil tank scan performed, as mentioned above.

As is the case in many areas of Greater Vancouver, if a tank is found buried under your property, then a full oil tank removal will need to be conducted, before you complete the sale. If you are unsure about theparticular by-laws that might affect the selling of your property, it is well worth contacting a specialist oil tank removal company, who can help advise on your obligations.

Situation 3: Spotting a leak

While this can be quite rare, if you do spot any leakage or contamination starting to occur on your property then this can be a sign you have an oil tank leaking, which needs immediate attention. If this is the case, having an oil tank removal at the earliest possible opportunity is essential, in order to minimize the damage done to the surrounding environment.

As the homeowner is deemed responsible for any damage stemming from the oil tank, whether they are aware of its existence or not, it is crucial to have it removed as soon as possible.

Professional oil tank removal

If you do need to engage in an oil tank removal, it is essential to use a reliable and professional oil tank removal company to complete the job. With the ability to scan your property and remove the oil tank, before disposing of it safely, only a professional company has the tools and experienced required for adequately completing the job.

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