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Soil Contamination16

Soil Contamination

Choosing a Soil Remediation Company

With several Oil Tank companies and competitors across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, choosing a reputable company to remove the surrounding Soil Contamination from the area where the Oil Tank was removed can be a difficult task. West Coast Tank Recovery understands the importance of finding a cost effective solution.

West Coast Tank Recovery is the top choice for Soil Remediation in Vancouver, Soil Remediation in North Vancouver, Soil Remediation in Burnaby, Soil Remediation in New Westminster, Coquitlam Soil Remediation, and Contaminated Land Remediation in Fraser Valley.

The presence of contamination in the soil around an oil tank can only be confirmed through laboratory testing of samples. It is extremely important that a third-party company obtain soil samples after an oil tank is removed. There are a few signs that the soil may be contaminated. One visual indicator is blue or gray soil which may indicate that the tank leaked into the soil at some point. Another indicator is if there is an odor of hydrocarbon vapors.

Ultimately, the only way to accurately determine if Soil Contamination is present from a leaking Oil Tank is for a third-party company to obtain samples and send samples to an independent laboratory for testing.

The Soil Remediation Process:

West Coast Tank Recovery works efficiently and in a cost-effective manner to remediate both Residential and Commercial properties. All the correct steps to ensure contamination is removed safely and in compliance with the city by-laws. At all steps of the process, we ensure we follow all safety and compliance codes.

  • PREPARE THE AREA : Our crews will clear the area and allocate space to store clean soils and other supplies
  • OBTAIN ALL NECESSARY WASTE MANIFESTS : We are a full service solution that makes Soil Remediation effortless, including obtaining waste manifests and shipment of contaminated material to certified facilities
  • WORK OVERSEEN BY ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS : Third-party environmental consultants or engineers retained by the property owner will oversee and coordinate the remediation efforts alongside West Coast Tank Recovery to ensure the process is completed efficiently and in a cost effective manner
  • WE HAVE IN-HOUSE EQUIPMENT, TRUCKS AND MACHINERY : West Coast utilizes its own disposal bins, trucks, machinery, vac trucks, and other equipment which ensures a cost effective and time efficient project completion.
  • FINAL SIGN OFF AND BACKFILL : Once the environmental consultant or engineer obtains clean samples and gives the “all-clear”, West Coast will coordinate and take care of back-fill to grade in preparation for landscaping or property restoration (restoration and landscape services are not completed by West Coast Tank Recovery)

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