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City of Chilliwack

Oil Tank Removal Chilliwack

Oil tank recovery in Chilliwack is an important process that ensures the safe and proper removal of old, abandoned, or leaking oil tanks from residential and commercial properties in the city. These tanks can pose significant environmental hazards if not properly removed and disposed of, making it essential to hire a professional. If you are seeking the best in oil tank recovery Chilliwack has to offer, call us today!

There are several reasons why an oil tank may need to be recovered in Chilliwack. One of the most common reasons is that the tank has reached the end of its lifespan and is no longer safe to use. This can happen due to corrosion or other forms of wear and tear. Another is that the tank is leaking or has the potential to leak, which can cause significant environmental damage and be a health hazard for those living or working near the tank.

it is important to hire a professional and experienced company to handle the job. At West Coast Tank Removal, not only do we have the necessary equipment and expertise to safely remove any oil tank, but they will also be able to properly dispose of the tank and

any hazardous materials it may contain. This includes any oil or other contaminants that may have leaked from the tank.

When you hire an oil tank recovery service in Chilliwack, you can expect them to follow a process that includes:

We also offer underground storage tank (UST) closure, site remediation, and soil testing services.