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Remediation & Real Estate

Why is soil remediation important in real estate matters in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia?

Real estate developers, property owners, and government regulators may engage in soil remediation efforts to clean up the contaminated areas. This can involve the removal and disposal of contaminated soil, the application of chemical treatments to neutralize pollutants, or the use of physical barriers to prevent the spread of contaminants. Remediating the soil can also add value to the property, making it more attractive to buyers, and ensuring that the real estate transactions and developments are done to the standards of public and environmental health.

The potential presence of oil tanks on the property can be of grave concern when buyers or sellers are dealing with site assessments and need to disclose such concerns. It is crucial to detect and locate oil tanks and have them removed to avoid causing financial and legal implications down the road. Municipalities and the government can require remediation and sellers have a legal obligation to disclose any known environmental contamination issues, failure to do so may have legal consequences.

When dealing with soil remediation for an possible signs of an oil tank leak or oil tank removal, give our team at West Coast Tank Removal a call today!

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