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Above-Ground Storage Tank Removal21

Above-Ground Storage Tank Removal

What is an above-ground storage oil tank?

An above-ground storage oil tank are typically made of metal and are used to store a variety of oils, including heating oil, diesel fuel, and other types of fuel. They are commonly used by rural properties, businesses and industries. Above-ground storage oil tanks are typically more accessible and easier to maintain than underground tanks, and they are also easier to remove when they are no longer needed.

How is an above-ground storage oil tank removed?

The process for removing an underground storage oil tank is similar to the process for removing an above-ground tank. However, at West Coast Tank Removal, we follow all the correct steps to ensure the storage oil tank is removed safely and in compliance with the city by-laws. At all steps of the process, we ensure we follow all safety and compliance codes.

  1. LOCATE THE ABOVE-GROUND OIL TANK : These can be hidden in crawl spaces, below patios or decks
  2. PREPARE THE AREA: Our crews will place plywood or plastic, and clear access
  3. OBTAIN A BC ONE CALL/LOCATE UTILITIES : We will perform a BC One Call (Call Before You Dig), and locate surrounding utilities
  4. CAREFULLY DISCONNECT THE LINES : We will remove and disconnect copper supply lines, and prepare for removal.
  5. DISPOSE OF CONTENTS & WASH : Next, we utilize (in-house) specialized vacuum trucks to pump out the contents and wash the inside of the Oil Tank
  6. REMOVAL & ECO-RECYCLE : After the tank has been emptied, we physically remove it and ship it to a certified recycling facility.

Why choose West Coast Tank Recovery? 

  • We have thousands of hours of residential experience with hundreds of Above-ground Oil Tanks removed
  • Fully licensed and insured with $5 million in coverage
  • Over 20 years of staff experience
  • WorkSafe BC, A+ BBB Rating

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