October 18, 2018

Call Professionals For Oil Tank Removal

They are a relic from a time gone by. When one of the first signs of the season was a large oil truck parking by your house to fill the tank in your yard with heating oil that would last an entire winter or two, depending on your family’s needs. These large tanks were usually under the yard for safety reasons and also aesthetic reasons, because no oil tank ever made a yard look pretty. Like most things from the 1970s, when seen from today’s perspective, these tanks are now obsolete. More cost efficient and more environmentally friendly ways of heating your home have been introduced to the market and so there is no need for these tanks anymore. But now there is the problem of oil tank removal at your home.

The problem is, you may not need an oil tank anymore, but your house has an oil tank. This is a classic example of not your fault, but your responsibility. If you are lucky, the previous homeowner would have done the due diligence and have removed the tank years ago, but that might not be the case. Now you are responsible for any oil tank removal on your property. This could be a problem for a few reasons.

  • It can affect the resale of your home when it comes time to move.
  • It can be against the law to have an out of service tank older than two years on your property.
  • If you want to renovate your property, an unknown oil tank can really muck up any plans you may have.
  • It can lead to health issues when oil vapors seep into the ground water and potentially come seeping into your basement.
  • It can leave you liable for the costs of decontaminating the surrounding soil and adjoining properties, if your tank leaks oil and the contamination spreads a great distance.


For these reasons and others, you should consider calling someone who does oil tank removal in your area. The temptation is always there to try to do home maintenance tasks yourself, but this is no simple extraction job. This was a system that was used to heat an entire house and it can be tricky getting it out. Plus, where to start looking? You might be asking yourself if you even have an oil tank in your yard. A company like West Coast Tank Recovery has made it their business to find these tanks and take them out, so see if they can help you make your home better.