Five Reasons to Remove Oil Tanks

September 24, 2018

Vancouver houses used oil burning furnaces until the late1960s. Underground oil tanks were used to store the oil for burning these furnaces. The tanks were filled up by oil tanker trucks. As Vancouver started to use gas furnaces, these tanks became useless. Many tanks were removed, but most of them were left abandoned.  Today, they are still present underground in many houses and should be removed.

Here are five reasons why we recommend the removal of oil tanks.

The section of BC Fire code

The section4.10.3.1 of BC Fire code instructs homeowners in BC to remove those underground storage tanks which have been useless for two years or more. However, most property owners are breaking this law unknowingly because they don’t know if their property has any abandoned oil tanks. As a law-abiding citizen, you should immediately approach an oil tank detection and removal services provider in your area. The company will determine if there is an oil tank on your property. If there is, they will remove it.

Mortgage Applications

Is there an oil tank on your property? This is a prevalent question at the time of applying for a mortgage or going for renewing an existing mortgage. Many financial institutions consider oil tanks as a liability and request that applicants present an oil tank removal or oil tank detection certificate at the time of request submission.

Home Insurance

Getting your home insurance approved is quite difficult if there is an oil tank on your property. Most companies don’t cover the damages caused by oil tanks. If an insurance policy covers oil tanks, then they sell their policies at quite expensive rates.


If you have abandoned oil tanks on your property, you, your family, and your neighbors are at risk of being exposed to the harmful gases if oil tanks ever leak.


The safety of yours and your family is always at high risk because the tank may catch fire or explode at any time. However, this happens rarely, but this possibility cannot be denied.

Now that you know why oil tank removal is important, don’t waste any time if you know you have one on your property. If you are unsure get your property inspected for it.

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