January 16, 2017

Getting Assistance for Your Fuel Tank Removal in North Vancouver

Have you recently become aware of an disused fuel tank buried under your property? If so, seeking assistance to have this removed and dealt with is essential, as it’s certainly not a task you can complete on your own.

Hiring a specialist team to remove the fuel tank as soon as possible is a highly recommended move, as there are a number of reasons for acting quickly, which we will explore further below.

Potential implications of a buried fuel tank

Fuel tank removal in North Vancouver is still a very serious concern among homeowners, as the potential implications and damages can total a staggering amount.

If the fuel tank leaks, which can often happen when the tanks age and eventually corrode, the subsequent soil contamination is the liability of the homeowner. Even if they are unaware of the fuel tank residing beneath them, they will be left to pick up the pieces, with this potentially costing them a large sum of money.

As a result, a fuel tank removal in North Vancouver should be completed as soon as possible, with a reputable and reliable company an absolute must.

Hiring experience and reliability

When conducting a fuel tank removal process, hiring reliable and reputable contractors is a critical first step. With four detailed and complex parts to the process, the company need to be sufficiently equipped.

The first task is to locate the buried fuel tank, before the second step, the removal process, can begin. Following this, the tank is then disposed of in the correct and legal manner. Lastly, backfill is required to ensure that any contaminated soil is removed and replaced, leaving your property in the same or better shape than it was found.

In completing each of these steps, a vast amount of experience is required, along with the very latest equipment and tools for the job.

Consequently, your selection of fuel tank removal experts should not be taken lightly, with experience, knowledge, and reliability all essential attributes for them to demonstrate.