August 8, 2020

Hidden Oil tanks and their Hazards

If you find traces of a hidden oil tank on your residential property or at a commercial complex, do not wait to take further action. These hidden oil tanks should be removed as soon as possible to prevent explosion, oil leakage, collapse, and other environmental disasters. Oil tank removal Vancouver services offers quick detection, removal and disposal of such hidden tanks.

During 1960 oil tanks that used to be the source of heat were often buried under the house. Though the source of heating fuel has changed in most cases, many people either do not know about the hidden tanks or have not removed them yet. With properties changing hands and with the passage of time, such oil tanks often remain hidden.

Oil leakage from these tanks mix with underground soil and can contaminate water bodies. It can also contaminate neighbouring buildings, parks and gardens. External rust,corrosion and spills can contaminate both underground water and soil.

In addition, if you want to buy or sell a property, hidden oil tanks can be a major hurdle. To mitigate these problems and to remove oil tanks on your premises, you can seek professional Oil tank detection services in Vancouver. They use different scanning methods to locate the hidden oil tanks and use safe methods to remove them, and even restore the property.

If you want to remove a hidden oil tank, you should contact experts in Vancouver for safe detection and removal.