I’m Not Sure If I Have An Oil Tank, What Should I Do?

September 26, 2018

One of the most common issues we bump into as Oil Tank Recovery specialists in Vancouver is customers not knowing if they have an oil tank on their property. This can be distressing, as they may want to sell their property or upgrade it as an environmentally friendly building. How do I know if one is there or not, if it’s buried underground?

The first thing people envision when trying to find an oil tank is their Vancouver garden being dug up and completely destroyed while searching for the seemingly elusive oil tank. Not only will this take time and effort, it will also considerably devalue the property if it cannot be restored properly. Even if the garden can be replanted, the money spent doing this will still mean that the customer is at a loss from the final sale of the property.

When customers eventually contact us at West Coast Tank Recovery to get the ball rolling on finding an oil tank, they are delighted to learn that with an oil tank scan in Vancouver, no digging is needed to find an oil tank that is potentially located on a property. Thanks to our decades of experience in this field, and our sophisticated equipment, we can do an oil tank scan in Vancouver, which requires no upheaval of the soil until an oil tank is actually located and confirmed.

We have two methods of oil tank scans in Vancouver that use special infrared technology in order to find oil tanks underground. This equipment scans the soil and alerts the operator if something is located beneath the surface. M-Scope Oil Tank Scanning (Tier 1) uses a powerful metal detector when scanning for an oil tank in a garden or green area. GPR Oil Tank Scanning (Tier 2) uses radar that can detect oil tanks below concrete or stonework.

If an oil tank is found, we can also offer our services to remove it and remediate the land that it was located on. Our team acts efficiently, neatly, and professionally, so very little disruption is caused in the area. We also offer very competitive pricing for this service.

On the other hand, if no oil tank is located with will provide the owner of the property with a certified Letter of Compliance, so that they can go ahead with the sale or environmental upgrade.


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