Not Moving? – There Are Still Reasons To Consider Oil Tank Detection

December 13, 2018

If you have ever moved homes before, you may know about oil tank detection and oil tank removal. As a homeowner, before you sell a house, you must ensure that there is no oil tank on the grounds of your property. This is the law and that itself is a huge incentive to get oil tank detection.

Today, we are going to look at other incentives as to why you should look into oil tank detection. Even if you are not selling your house, it might be something you should be doing anyway.

Environmental Reasons

One of the top reasons why you should think about oil tank detection is the environment. Canada in general, and particularly the province of British Columbia, are known to be environmentally friendly, and we try to do our best to take care of and maintain our natural surroundings.

Old underground oil tanks have been known to damage the soil surrounding them. While most of them were emptied before being forgotten, many still had residual oil that can leak. They can also rust, and the fact that they are there naturally disrupts the area that surrounds it.

Oil Tank Detection

Oil tank detection will let you know if something on your property is damaging the natural environment. If you get oil tank detection and subsequently oil tank removal, you will be doing something positive for the environment, in line with the aims of the province of BC.

Future Renovations

Another way in which oil tank detection might be useful is if you are getting or considering renovations on your property. An oil tank can get in the way of and delay this work. With oil tank detection, you can get ahead of this potential issue, and if you discover an oil tank on the grounds of your property, you won’t lose any time.

Renovations can involve a lot of digging up and moving around and if there is an oil tank there, this can really slow down the process, as you will need to wait for it to be removed. Oil tank detection allows you to consider getting it removed now, or at least lets you plan some time for this process when drawing up a plan for your renovations.

Call us today and arrange for us to come out to your home and carry out oil tank detection. You don’t need to be planning a move to avail of this very useful service.

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