Oil Tank Removal – When to Get It

March 7, 2019

If you have had our company come out to your property and scanned for an oil tank using our advanced infrared technology, the next step is oil tank removal. One question that a lot of property owners want the answer to is, when is the best time to get oil tank removal?

Any Season

 In terms of the best time of the year for oil tank removal, once you go with a reputable company like West Coast Tank Recovery, it should be possible in most seasons. As long as the weather is not too extreme, like very heavy rain, or there are weather alerts, then oil tank removal is possible.

Before You Sell

s you are probably aware, you need to get oil tank removal before you sell a property. As the current property owner, the onus is on you, and by not getting oil tank removal, you will be breaking the law. Make sure you set aside time to organize oil tank detection and, if needed, oil tank removal prior to selling your property if you have it listed on the market.

Before You Renovate

It is also wise to get oil tank removal before you renovate. Sometimes renovations, especially extensions that push your property further out onto the lot, can make oil tank removal down the line much harder. You may not be planning to sell your property, but you never know what will happen down the line and you will also need to live with the fact that the soil may be contaminated, and you are not doing anything to stop it.

When You Have Some Time

If it’s been on your list forever, make it your mission to organize oil tank removal when you next have some time to spare. All you need to do is to make a phone call and arrange for your someone to be there when the oil tank removal takes place. Once it’s done, the area surrounding the tank will be filled with clean soil and you will be certified as having an oil tank-free property and can tick that task off your list.

There are lots of questions associated with oil tank removal. Check out our FAQ section on our website, or feel free to give West Coast Tank Recovery a call if you have any more questions on your mind.

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