Oil Tank Removal: Your Responsibility

February 12, 2019

It is the law that you sort your recyclables from your garbage. This helps us keep our landfills free of things that can be reused and keep things that are not biodegradable or are environmental contaminants out of the earth. You have been driving an electric hybrid car because you know it is not only good for your wallet as far as gas consumption is concerned, it is also good for the air quality in our town. You keep yourself well within what is socially demanded to be a good green citizen. You just need to do one more thing to ensure that you are a friend of the law and the environment. You have to look into oil tank removal on your property. It is the law and it is good for the environment.

Oil Tank Removal Your Responsibility

These relics of residential home heating past are still underground on some suburban properties. They used to be the best way to warm the homes of our parents. In the beginning of the cold season, a truck would come by and fill up the large tank and then your dad or mom would closely monitor it so as to make sure the oil was not being wasted. Then came natural gas and electric heating that was cheaper and much better for the earth, so these tanks became obsolete.

Obsolete maybe, but still around. Then there was a time that some irresponsible people used these tanks to dispose of all their unwanted oil or other liquid waste. That made these tanks not just bad for the environment, but also dangerous. Then people moved and now you have a home that is not a new build and for all you know you might have one of those tanks on your property. The problem is since they moved out and you moved in there have been laws passed regarding oil tank removal in the city. You are now responsible for oil tank removal on your property. It is up to you to make sure that these relics are removed safely and completely to assure that your property and adjoining properties are not contaminated and that the potentially dangerous tank is gone.

Not taking care of oil tank removal on your property can impact your mortgage or your ability to sell the home in the future. It is for this reason you need to take care of any oil tank removal you might need as soon as possible. West Coast Tank Recovery are the people to call if you think you have need of oil tank removal.

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