May 9, 2019

Property Maintenance Issues You May Not Realize Are Required by Law

Buying a home is a busy and exciting time. Even more so if you are a first-time home buyer. However, there are many responsibilities that come with buying a home, some that you may be aware of, such as taxes and insurance, and some that you may not have considered, such as property maintenance. Some property maintenance issues are at the homeowner’s discretion, provided they do not pose an immediate danger to anyone, and others are required by law to be addressed in a timely manner.

Oil Tank Detection

Are you aware of the fact that as a homeowner you are responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalks immediately surrounding your residence? In the city of Vancouver and all surrounding districts and cities, the homeowner is responsible for clearing all snow and ice from the walkways surrounding their residence, usually by a specified time the day following a snow fall. If you know you will be away during a time where there is a potential for snow, make sure you arrange with a friend or neighbour to clear away the snow. Failure to clear walkways can result in a minimum fine of $250.

Did you know that you are responsible for safely removing and disposing of unused underground oil tanks? Many homes in Vancouver and the surrounding areas where built in the prior to the 1960s and relied on oil for heating purposes. The oil was typically stored in underground tanks. As natural gas became more readily available, these oil tanks became obsolete. Often, they were simply left in place. Today, the law requires that, if they have not been used in the previous 2 years, that these tanks be removed, along with all contaminated soil. This is not a DIY project; these tanks must be properly disposed of by a tank removal in Vancouver professional. But how do you know if there is an oil tank on your property? If you have recently purchased your property, the seller’s declaration of known property defects would note the presence of a UST (underground storage tank). However, the previous homeowner may not have been aware of its presence. You could also check with the city, as they keep records of UTS removals. Finally, you can contact an oil tank removal in Vancouver professional, who will come to your property with specialized equipment for oil tank detection.  If a tank is discovered, a tank removal in Vancouver specialist will be able to safely remove and dispose of the oil tank and contaminated soil. They will also be able to provide site restoration services, depending on your needs.