Should I Be Concerned About Oil Tank Removal?

August 28, 2017

If you have recently come across the term oil tank removal, you may be asking the question of whether you should be concerned.

In this article, we highlight a number of scenarios where you may need to engage in an oil tank removal, if there is found to be one under your property.

Property owners

Those who own homes in metro Vancouver, who haven’t already scanned their property for buried oil tanks may want to undergo a search. In doing so, you are able to safely know that there is not an oil tank buried, while also gaining written proof that will be required when you sell your house, or want to apply for a building permit.

Selling your home

If you are thinking of selling your home, many municipalities will require that you provide proof that no oil tanks are buried on your property. If the search is carried out and one is located, a professional oil tank removal will need to be completed before the sale can take place. It is well worth contacting an experienced company who deal with oil tank removals to see if any local by-laws or regulations may affect you selling your home.

Extensions and renovations

Certain areas in Metro Vancouver will also require you to have an oil tank scan if you are applying for a building permit, such as extensions or large renovations. Again, if an oil tank is found to be on your property then undergoing an oil tank removal at the earliest time possible is highly essential.

The dangers of a buried oil tank

You may be wondering what is quite so dangerous about a buried oil tank, which is a question that is often asked.

As the oil tanks age over time they are likely to leach out their residual contents, even if they were previously drained. This can lead to environmental contamination, for which the homeowner will be held liable and responsible. As you can imagine, this can end up being thousands of dollars in damages, making an oil tank removal a very important subject.

Rounding up

If you are concerned about oil tanks, or are unsure if you may have one lurking underneath your property, get in contact with a specialist company today to take proactive action.

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