The Importance of Oil Tank Scanning

April 13, 2020

If you own a home built before the 1980s, you need to know about the importance of oil tank scanning. The fact is that these fuel tanks for home heating were once life saving, but since the introduction of more energy efficient and Eco friendly heating systems, these large tanks have stayed dormant for years. This alone is cause for concern for any homeowner who doesn’t know if they have an oil tank on their property. But since these tanks went dormant, some careless homeowners have used them to dispose of other chemicals. This means that there can be a tank on your property that is a mixture of residual heating oil and other dangerous chemicals. This is why oil tank scanning is important.


Since these tanks can now pose a serious threat to not just the health and well being of the people in your home, but to the ecosystem of your yard, it is important to look into someone who can help with oil tank scanning if you haven’t done so yet. No one wants to live on top of a potential toxic mixture of oil and other volatile chemicals. So if you are worried about the consequences of living on top of an oil tank, look into an oil tank scanning.

It is also a matter of resale value. In BC, it is now law that everyone who wants to sell their home, built before the 80s,has to remove an oil tank if one is on the property. This is annoying, maybe, but the removal of an oil tank will add to the value of your home. This also applies to getting a mortgage. To be a tempting offer to potential buyers or the bank, do yourself a favour and make an appointment for someone to come and do oil tank scanning of your property. Know what the deal in that regard will give you the last information you need to tempt people to buy your home.

The importance of oil tank scanning is obvious. You should take it seriously. If you are not planning on selling anytime soon, it is important to do the oil tank scanning for the health and safety of the people who live in the house, and it is also important on an environmental level. If you are planning on selling soon, then it is crucial that you call a place like West Coast Tank Recovery to help you find out if you have an oil tank or not, and help with the process.

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