Understanding Different Types of Contaminated Soil Remediation
October 11, 2023

Understanding Different Types of Contaminated Soil Remediation

Contaminated soil can occur due to a variety of human activities and can pose environmental, health, and safety risks. Because of this, a professional contamination soil remediation company is essential to protect both ecosystems and human health. At West Coast Tank Recovery, we provide full-service soil remediation that involves professional in-house equipment and machinery at a certified facility. Contaminated soil remediation is the process of cleaning, restoring, or moving soil that has been contaminated by hazardous substances. The specific methods and techniques used for contaminated soil remediation can vary depending on the type and extent of contamination, as well as local regulations.

Why is soil remediation so important?

Contaminated soil can pose serious health risks to people. Through direct contact, inhalation of dust, or consumption of soil pollutants can harm human health. Soil remediation helps ensure that the places where we live and work are safe and free from hazardous substances, reducing the risk of health problems. In addition, clean and safe soil in residential areas is an attractive feature for potential buyers or renters. Homes and neighbourhoods located in areas with a history of soil contamination may have lower property values due to concerns about health and safety. Understanding common soil remediation approaches can be beneficial as it allows people to choose the most suitable approach for minimizing damage to our world and loved ones.


One of the most common approaches to contaminated soil remediation is bioremediation. This technique involves a contamination soil remediation company utilizing biological organisms to remove harmful impurities in soil. These microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, or plants, naturally occur in the environment and can metabolize pollutants and break them down into less harmful substances.

Excavation and Removal

This method involves physically excavating and removing contaminated soil and transporting it to a disposal facility, such as a hazardous waste landfill. It is often used for heavily contaminated areas where other methods may not be feasible. Excavation and removal are straightforward and proven methods for dealing with contaminated soil. Often when a contamination soil remediation company faces an emergency response situation, they will opt for this method.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment for soil remediation is a method used to remove contamination in soil through the use of various chemical agents. This approach is often used by a contamination soil remediation company in conjunction with other techniques, or when excavation and removal is not feasible. Chemical treatment can help to reduce the strength of harmful substances within the soil.

Thermal Treatment

Thermal treatment for contaminated soil is a specialized method used to remediate soil that has been polluted with hazardous substances, such as chemicals or oil. It’s like giving the soil a deep clean by using heat to get rid of the contamination. While it may sound simple, it involves careful control and strict environmental regulations to ensure that the process is both safe and effective.

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