What You Should Know about Oil Tank Removal in Vancouver

January 23, 2019

Does your home use a heating oil tank or did it once use an oil tank for heating purposes? If so, you may not have given it much thought, but did you know that having a damaged or ineffective oil tank can actually be an environmental hazard? This is especially true if your tank is no longer in use. In order to prevent an accident, you should consider oil tank removal in Vancouver.

Not only could an old abandoned oil tank potentially ruin your property, but in many places, you cannot even insure your home if it has an older oil tank on the property.

If you do have an old oil tank on your property, it’s important to take the necessary steps to get it safely removed, before it contaminates the surrounding land. Keep in mind that while you may fear that hiring a professional will be costly, it will save you a lot of money in the long run, because a leaking oil tank will require that you pay for environmental clean-up costs in addition to the removal of the tank.

Hiring a professional to find and remove an abandoned oil tank isn’t as difficult as it may sound. A professional can scan for a tank underground without disturbing your landscaping. Once the tank is located, they will pump out any leftover oil and remove the tank with all the right tools, with as little property disturbance as possible.

Oil Tank Removal Vancouver

If you have never looked into hiring a professional company for oil tank removal in Vancouver, start by asking friends or family members for referrals. If you have an oil tank on your property, chances are neighbours may have had the same concerns and may have removed tanks before you. If you can’t find any references within your social circle, ask the company you are considering hiring to provide you with references you can call and speak with about the quality of their service. Another option is to check to see that the business is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

It is best to leave the removal of an oil tank to the experts. They take the safe removal of the oil tank very seriously and will work hard to ensure the oil tank will be removed safely and as quickly as possible.

If you have an abandoned oil tank on your property, now is the time to call an expert for oil tank removal in Vancouver. Acting quickly could minimize your risk of having a tank leak, creating environmental damage for which you would be held responsible.

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