Why Do You Need Oil Tank Scanning for Your Home?

December 28, 2018

Are you doing everything you can for the environment? You have a home and it is not a new build, but you have brought it up to current standards as best you can. You have new windows that keep heat in, you have a water and energy saving washer and dryer combo and dishwasher installed. You have a bin for every type of recycling pick up and you even compost what you can. Even though you are doing everything you think you should be doing for the good of the earth, there might be something buried in your back yard that can be poisoning the soil under your compost heap. You can be host to a fossil of times gone by. Not dinosaur bones, but an oil heater tank from a time when that was the best way to heat homes.  This is why you need oil tank scanning Vancouver.

A few decades ago, homes were heated by oil. Every fall, a truck would come around and fill an entire tank with oil that would last until spring. But as technology got better, natural gas became readily available, and electric heating panels became the norm, these tanks became obsolete. People still used them in some cases, though not as they should. Any old oil or other chemicals that people needed to dispose of was dumped in that tank. Then, as homes changed hands these tanks became forgotten.

Since then, Vancouver has had bylaws written up regarding these tanks. It is your responsibility to have them removed from your property, so it is important that you look into oil tank scanning in Vancouver. Having an oil tank on your property can be detrimental not just for the environment, but to your home as well. Some of the drawbacks of ignoring the oil tank on your property include trouble getting a mortgage or even the inability to sell your home. So, if your home was built before the 1980’s, you could have need for an oil tank scanning in Vancouver.

Oil Tank Detection

The environmental reason for looking into the oil tank scanning in Vancouver is the only reason you really need, but there are financial reasons too. You are a homeowner now and you have responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to make sure that the property is maintained in as good or in better shape than it was when you got it, to protect your property value and prevent damage that you will be liable for.

This is not a job you want to hand over to just anyone. You have to trust the people that do the oil tank scanning in Vancouver, because it is a very important task. West Coast Tank Recovery knows what they are doing in this area. Call them today.

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