How To Eliminate Liability With Oil Tank Scanning

November 16, 2018

If you are thinking about purchasing a property developed between the 1940s and 1980s, you will want to confirm that there isn’t an oil tank underground before completing the purchase. Oil heat was popular from the 1940s into the 1990s, but around 1975, most communities started moving away from underground oil tanks to natural gas.    Read more …

You Need Oil Tank Removal in Vancouver

November 13, 2018

There might be a big liability under the surface of your back yard that you need to check out before you sell your home, before you apply for a mortgage, or even before you get home insurance. It is not just land lines and heavy steel cars that are remnants of a bygone era which    Read more …

Why Plan Oil Tank Detection In Coquitlam In Advance?

October 26, 2018

Those who are selling or renovating homes in the Coquitlam area will know how important it is to arrange oil tank detection. Without proving that there is no oil tank on the grounds of your property, you will be unable to sell it. It is also wise to arrange this service before you begin renovations    Read more …

Time for Tank Detection

October 22, 2018

You have to know when and why to look into oil tank detection. These large relics from a time gone by are still buried in the back yards of some homes built in the last century. Like VCRs and Turntables, they used to be a staple of every family home, but because of upgraded heating    Read more …

Call Professionals For Oil Tank Removal

October 18, 2018

They are a relic from a time gone by. When one of the first signs of the season was a large oil truck parking by your house to fill the tank in your yard with heating oil that would last an entire winter or two, depending on your family’s needs. These large tanks were usually    Read more …

Three Common Myths About Oil Tanks

October 12, 2018

There are many myths associated with oil tanks. In this blog, we will discuss three common myths about them. Oil Tanks Never Wear Down Fact: This is a baseless assumption. There is no truth in it. The oil tanks wear down over time for many reasons. For example, if the tank is made of iron    Read more …

I’m Not Sure If I Have An Oil Tank, What Should I Do?

September 26, 2018

One of the most common issues we bump into as Oil Tank Recovery specialists in Vancouver is customers not knowing if they have an oil tank on their property. This can be distressing, as they may want to sell their property or upgrade it as an environmentally friendly building. How do I know if one    Read more …

Five Reasons to Remove Oil Tanks

September 24, 2018

Vancouver houses used oil burning furnaces until the late1960s. Underground oil tanks were used to store the oil for burning these furnaces. The tanks were filled up by oil tanker trucks. As Vancouver started to use gas furnaces, these tanks became useless. Many tanks were removed, but most of them were left abandoned.  Today, they    Read more …

When To Get Oil Tank Detection In The Lower Mainland

July 30, 2018

At West Coast Tank Recovery, we are frequently asked about the time to get oil tank detection in the Lower Mainland. The truth is that you can call us to come out and carry out our oil tank detection services at any time. As the current owner of your home, it is your responsibility to    Read more …

Some Thoughts Of Oil Tank Removal In Vancouver

June 19, 2018

If you own a house in Vancouver, you may or may not know about a serious contamination issue that could be on your property. This problem is underground oil tanks, and oil tank removal in Vancouver is something that you could need. If you own property that had an old home on it, buried under    Read more …

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